Ukrainian scientists will have an incredible chance to explore the sea


У украинских ученых будет невероятный шанс исследовать мореScientists will provide ships for their research.

Law enforcement agencies agreed to provide the Ukrainian scholar ships for marine research. This was stated by the representatives of the water police and border guard during a meeting at the Ministry of education and science on the development of the concept of the state target scientific and technical program of recovery for marine research and research infrastructure until 2023, reports the press service of the Ministry.

It was about the fact that on Board the ships, scientists will be able on an ongoing basis to do the necessary measurements and other studies.

The head of the Directorate for science Dmitry Cheberkus stressed that this decision will open for Ukrainian naval researchers a number of opportunities which have been lost due to the occupation of Crimea by Russia – fleet, stations, laboratories.

Restoration of marine research in Ukraine is not only a scientific question but a question of protection of national interests, raising the country’s defense, said Cheberkus.

He added, the MES held a competition of scientific projects for universities and scientific institutions of the Ministry of new direction in marine research. The winners will receive budget financing – from 600 thousand to 3 million or more – 2 or 3-year research project.

Following the meeting, the participants agreed during the month to create a project of inceptio target program and forward it for consideration by all concerned agencies.


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