Ukrainian Levchenko – the silver medalist of the world championship in athletics


From Kiev, Yulia Levchenko (jumps) opened the scoring for the Ukrainian medals at the 16th world Championships in athletics.

The day before in qualifying Levchenko has confirmed its medal ambitions – 19-year-old Ukrainian woman, along with Maria Laecken and Kamila, Licwinko the first attempt fulfilled every one of his jumps, including a final height of 1.92 meters.

In the final Levchenko continued to stamp a good jumping – the first attempt of Julius conquered the bar at a height of 1.84, of 1.88, 1.92 and 1.95 g. Taking the height of 1.97 meters (repetition personal record), Julia has guaranteed itself a medal, because at that time in the sector remained only Laecken and Licwinko.

Be content with a minimal task Levchenko did not – Ukrainian first attempt took record height of 1.99 meters and has become a real contender for the gold! Licwinko Levchenko ahead due to the smaller number of attempts at previous heights, and Laecken, not the loser in this season a single start, with the first attempt took 1.99 and moved their jumping by 2.01.

Laecken the first attempt takes a 2.01, but Levchenko wins this height, re-update your personal record! Experienced she has taken of 2.03 – reply to this jump podstawka Levchenko has failed.

The final results:

1. Maria Laecken (neutral player) – 2.03 m
2. Yulia Levchenko (Ukraine) Is 2.01
3. Kamila, Licwinko (Poland) Is 1.99
4. Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch (Germany) – 1,95
5. Katarina Johnson-Thompson (Britain) – 1,95

Yulia Levchenko became the second Ukrainian medalist of the world Championships after Ingy Babkinoj that from 1995 to 2001 in sector for jumps has collected a full set of medals.


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