Ukrainian game made the list of the best Android applications 2018


Украинская игра попала в список лучших Android-приложений 2018 года Over Orbia: Tap and Relax worked with a team of three people.

Google has published a ranking of the best mobile applications and games, which got the game of the Ukrainian development.

In the category of Most Casual Games is one of the three best the game Orbia: Tap and Relax, which was created in Kiev Studio JOX Development.

In the ranking of the game Orbia: Tap and Relax describe as: “Your task is to find the perfect moment to shoot and avoid obstacles. From level to level the game becomes more difficult, there are special items (e.g., shield) – just can’t break away”.

This is the second project of the Kiev Studio JOX Development, which was founded by Denis Moisin and Pavel Glagolev. They develop casual mobile games. The first Studio project – the Tap Tap game Dash, which they published in conjunction with Cheetah Mobile, has been very successful: approximately 58 million installations on Android and on iOS 20 million. Almost immediately after the release of Tap Tap Dash also got editor’s choice on Google Play.

Over Orbia: Tap and Relax worked with a team of three people. The game was made long, more than a year, according to the developers, polished in every detail, and have translated it into 15 languages – including Ukrainian, German, two versions of Chinese, Korean, French, Hindi, Spanish, which greatly increased the coverage of the audience.

“A lot of attention to colors. Worked on dynamic music that changes depending on what is happening on the screen – it provides the atmosphere of the game and like the players,” says Denis Moisin. According to the founders, getting into the Google ranking has affected the growth of plants.

Add the best app of 2018 named Drops: Learn 31 new languages. It was one of the best in the category “Application for self-development”. Best game 2018: PUBG MOBILE.


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