Ukrainian “eurobserv” warned about new scams


Украинских "евробляхеров" предупредили о новых аферахShould beware of scams

Numerous fraudulent schemes related to the legalization of cars on avtonomera inform the community of owners cars on foreign registration.

In particular, in groups and forums began to appear suggestions about the legalization of “EuroBLECH” is cheaper than on legislation. But as it turned out, this scheme is nothing more than an attempt by businessmen to make money on the actual problem.

All the proposed schemes: the “twins”, “lost title” etc. – this is from the category of crime and will entail mandatory liability.

There are also community “eurobserv” there are many proposals on how to search for car owners in the country of registration. Moreover, to find and execute documents for the sale of cars offered for absolutely different money starting from 100 euros.

However, activists urged not to use the services of dubious dealers, and contact them directly, although I recognize that they have such set of documents will cost more. Thus began the competition among europeanamericans for customers who are looking for owners of their cars.


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