Ukrainian developer has created an unusual headphones


They turn your head into a joystick.

The Ukrainian designer created a gadget that allows you to replace the joystick and listening to music.

“Since my childhood I loved computer games and I noticed that for simple actions (e.g., zoom in and zoom out the image) takes 3-5 seconds. This action have to make several dozen times every hour. If you add up all this time, eight hours have 60 minutes lost in these manipulations. I was wondering how to speed up these processes and thought to manipulate simple functions you can use head movements”, — said Yaroslav.

Thus was born the idea of creating a new gaming headphones.

Along with a team of like-minded Yaroslav established a startup Sixth Sense technology and assembled the first prototype Booster One. This earphone with built-in sensors (gyroscope and accelerometer), which, according to Yaroslav allow you to control your computer by just moving your head.

In addition to the ability to control the gameplay, the team has improved the headset directly under gameplay. Headphones are equipped with metal arches to secure into the head, so that even in the midst of battle against all the player will not lose his “sixth sense”.

The team launched a campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter. At the launch of the product in mass production harvested total $20 000. For Bekirov headphones start at $199.


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