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Украинские бренды, популярные во всем мире. ФотоSuccessful ideas of Ukrainian inventors.

Not many of the trademarks that appear on the market almost every day, we manage to achieve global success. Selection of Ukrainian brands, which managed to capture the world’s attention.

Украинские бренды, популярные во всем мире. Фото

Ugears. The brand was founded in 2014, the year of Denis Okhrimenko and Gennady Shestakov. The idea belongs to Dmitri, but finances worked Gennady. Not so long ago Okhrimenko has sold all of its rights and Sestak is now the rightful owner.

The company produces models of wooden toys. However, the toy is designed not just for the children.

Sestak invested in the idea of 120 thousand dollars. The brand was also looking for funds on Kickstarter. They collected $ 406 $ 805. It happened in the 2015th year. In 2016 year the boys collected funds on the Indiegogo platform. There has been accumulated a $ 99 423 USD.

Under this trademark produces different models of wood that you can collect, as a designer. For example, the platform of the tram on track and the car, a fire truck. The cost of the designer for adults – 300-1500 UAH.

“I can say that the fall was not because we have assembled the best team of specialists. So much difficulty is not observed. There is a problem – there is a solution ” – said Gennady Shestakov.

Ugears known in more than 80 countries. Still according to Gennady Shestakov, perspektivniy are the USA, Europe and China. The company is also present on Amazon.

Украинские бренды, популярные во всем мире. Фото

Woolkrafts. The company was founded in 2014 the year Oleg Mikhailov and Yaroslav Yakovenko. According to children, the investment amounted to 30 thousand hryvnia. This money was enough for the first sample and the first test batch of the product. Guys do woolen blankets.

The main product are blankets of Merino wool. Also a favorite is the British classic plaid woolen sheep. There is another summer option – blankets of cotton.

“The main difficulty we would call the communication between people, because it’s always difficult to explain what quality of product you want to if no one did how to work with your partners and how to explain to them their values,” says one of the founders, Oleg Mikhailov.

The company is very serious about product quality. It is the success of high sales abroad. It is important, according to guys – never stop. To trade with other countries, they started 2 years ago. By the way, their brand entered the TOP 10 on Amazon at wool rugs.

Woolkrafts looking for partners and distributors in other countries in order to expand business opportunities.

Украинские бренды, популярные во всем мире. Фото

Lol&pop. The brand was founded in 2013 year. The founders – Allen Turner and Dmitry Pantone. Invested in it approximately 35 thousand dollars. The company produces high-quality sweets: lollipops and mashmellow – in the likeness of the American marshmallow. And also jelly candies and iris.

The main on the sweets market remains round lollipops 12 UAH, iris by weight – 36 UAH for 100 g, and caramel in a jar for 45 hryvnia – jar.

“The main difficulties include finding investments for a start, search command and search for adequate suppliers with a really high-quality products,” said Alain Turner. Turner talks about business success. On today Lol & pop were able to develop the corporate segment.

Sweets are sold in Poland, Bulgaria, Israel. The brand develops and exports to other countries.

Украинские бренды, популярные во всем мире. Фото

Devohome. The company was founded by Oksana Devo in 2013-th year. According to her, the first contribution was only 2-3 thousand dollars. The brand is taccetta, tailoring products for the home. In particular of cannabis.

Chief among the products remains the blankets. They are similar to products in the style of “patchwork”, however, are done not manually, but mechanically. A filling of hemp. It water absorption is 3 times higher than that of cotton.

The blanket is warm in winter. And in the summer is not hot underneath. Price – from one thousand hryvnias.Also brand make linen and mattress toppers. A new direction shoes.

“Certain difficulties have been and are today weaving and sewing fabrics. As you know, the contractors in the first place prefer a huge order but not small parties. So we have to wait until the yarn turn into fabric. Secondly, we are faced with errors in the sewing. But such mistakes are expensive “, – says Oksana Devo.

Deveaux noted that the products remain of high quality. Even if there are punctures contractors. Yet abroad, the company sells through the site.

Украинские бренды, популярные во всем мире. Фото

The assemblage point. The company was founded by Sergey Tarhonya in the 2011th year. Serey put up the first 2 thousand hryvnias. Under the brand name produces educational toys for children and adults.

“The assemblage point” develops, manufactures and sells constructors, puzzles, Board games.

The main stay in the line of corporate toys. Their value varies from 4 to 45 thousand hryvnias apiece. The average price of toys – 250 hryvnia.

“Difficulties during the existence of the brand is practically not occur. We made the decision, did not allow us to leave in a minus “, – says Sergey Targona.

The success of puzzles is impressive. Toys know throughout Ukraine. On the international level Sergei says gently . In the future the company wants to win e-commerce.


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