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Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. ФотоTheir names are well known.

The cultural heritage of Ukraine is growing every year and we are still far from Italy and France, we have much to be proud of. Ukrainian painters sell their works at the world auctions such as Phillips and Sotheby’s, participate in the Venice Biennale and exhibited in the leading galleries of Europe. We have selected for you the top 10 most talented and highly paid artists in the genre of painting to expand the horizons and of course inspiration.

Anatoliy Kryvolap

Anatoliy Kryvolap is one of the most successful and best-selling Ukrainian artists. On the picture with the “clean colors and harmonious combination,” he worked from 1970-ies. Incredible warm sunsets, the mysterious silhouettes of people and animals, houses and shadows of trees are the main themes of many paintings by the master. The Painting “Night. Horse” at the international auction, Phillips has sold for a record 343 4, after which the work entered the TOP 10 most expensive lots of the day Phillips de Pury & Co. Experts say that in five years or seven paintings by Anatoly Kryvolap can cost about half a million dollars.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

A. Kryvolap. “Horse. Evening”

Alexander Roitburd

Alexander Roitburd is a Ukrainian artist originally from Odessa, who participated in over one hundred exhibitions and art projects, and also worked as Director of the gallery of Marat Gelman in Kyiv. His work is represented in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow and Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, in art museums of Ukraine, Slovenia and USA. Alexander Roitburd participated in the Venice Biennale and the Congress Document. The most successful paintings have a “Geisha,” sold for 641, “Goodbye Caravaggio” – 179 and “Flight into Egypt” 700.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

A. Roitburd, “Geisha”

Ivan Marchuk

Ivan Marchuk is a contemporary Ukrainian painter, people’s artist of Ukraine and laureate of the National prize. T. Shevchenko. In 2007 got a list of the 100 outstanding geniuses of the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. He is the author of nearly 5,000 works, which can be divided into twelve major periods: “the Voice of my soul” “Colored preludes”, “Portrait”, “still life”, “Flowering”, “Landscape”, “Shevchenkiana”, “New expression”, “White planet 1”, “White planet 2”, “Out of the dream of the coast”, “Look into infinity”.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

I. Marchuk

Vasyl Tsagolov

Basil Tsagolov – Ukrainian high-paid artist who became famous for paintings of an erotic nature. Fame Vasily Tsagolov has acquired through well-known gallerist Marat Gelman, and their collaboration lasted 16 years. Heroes Tsagolov hot criminal guys, aliens, fairy tale characters, and at the end of the 90s, tired of sex with the inhabitants of the offices. A series of paintings about “office love” has sold at international auctions Sohteby’s and Philis de Pury. However, the most famous work was a picture “Office romance”, which sold for $ 53.6 thousand

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

V. Tsagolov “Office romance”

Oleg Tistol

Oleg Tistol is an artist, a representative of Ukrainian neo-Baroque, one of the leaders of “Ukrainian new wave”. The master represented Ukraine at the Biennale in Sao Paulo in 1994 and the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001. Oleg Tistol only managed to make the Ukrainian national symbols interesting and understandable in the West and native hryvnia – the project “Ukrainian money”, and the Crimean Palma project “Yu. be. Ka”. The most famous paintings of the painter became “Light”, sold for 225, “Gurzuf” is 300 and “Stranger ?17” – 000.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

O. Tisol “Lamp”

Ilya Chichkan

Ilya Chichkan is one of the most famous and highly paid Ukrainian artists, the author of the concept of “psychedelicism”. Master filmed rabbits by injections of LSD, photographed the mentally ill and children of mutants, painted in the form of monkeys Pushkin and the Pope. The work of Ilya Chichkan has been exhibited in leading galleries and museums in Europe, USA and South America, as well as at the prestigious international Biennale. The most famous was the “life of insects” sold for 700 and the “Curator-Heavyweight” – 46.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

I. Chichkan “the life of insects”

Oksana Mas

Oksana Mas is a rising Ukrainian star of the painting. June 26, 2013 in London work by the Ukrainian artist was sold for 000 – at the auction of the charity program “Art for Life”, organized jointly with the world renowned contemporary art galleries SaatchiGallery. Oksana Mas exhibited at the world art fairs, her artworks sell at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. The project “Altar of Nations”, representing the Ukrainian pavilion, “Quantum prayer” was put up respectively at the 54th and 55th Venice Biennale. Currently, Oksana Mas lives and works in Spain and Poland.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

O. Mas, Biomorfny painting

Eugenia Gapchinska

Evgenia Gapchinska, Ukrainian artist-painter, Illustrator of children’s literature. Exhibition of the artist held around the world, paintings adorn private collections and museums. In Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa and Moscow are the personal “Gallery of Happiness” Gapchinska. Also, many of the artists wrote copies of paintings Gapchinskaya paintings or “under Gapchinska”, imbued with joy and warmth. The price of her paintings ranges from 10 to 40 thousand dollars and the most famous was the “love me”, “Melon” and “You and I…”.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

E. Gapchinska. “Love me”

Arsen Savadov

Arsen Savadov is one of the most prominent figures in the Ukrainian art scene. In 2001, he represented the country at the Venice Biennale, and in 2007 became the first Ukrainian artist, whose work came up for auction at Sotheby’s. The painting “the Grief of Cleopatra” opened a new branch of development of modern Ukrainian art. Is the master and the infamous: “Donbass-Chocolate” and the 1997 “book of the dead” in 2001. In the first master shot grimy miners in tutus, the second of the dead in various poses. Most famous work: “Karaite cemetery”, sold for 140, and “the Prince” 470.

Украинские художники, прославившиеся на весь мир. Фото

A. Savadov, Karaite cemetery

Maxim Mamsikov

Maxim Maximov is a Ukrainian artist, the winner of Ukrainian contest of young artists “Start” in the nomination “Visual art”. Works Maxim Mamsikov, representative developed in the early 1990s Ukrainian art movement New wave, are very popular among foreign collectors. In Ukrainian and international auctions, his paintings, like photographs, are sold for -50 thousand, and most famous painting-photography has become a “Flower.”

M. Mamsikov, “Flower”


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