Ukrainian alternative to the electric Smart car will appear this year


Украинская альтернатива электромобилю Smart появится в этом году The start of serial production of electric cars is scheduled to launch in 2018.

Engineer from Ukraine Andrey Guzowski created a prototype of a cheap electric Kugel, which can on a single charge to drive 180-220 km and Its price is 9.5 tis. Euro. At the same time completely charge the battery of the car in 20 minutes. Assembly-line production of such cars the engineer plans to establish this year.

The first cars of this series will be offered two types of salon – three-and six seats. While the driver is in the middle.

The rooftop has solar panels. In the afternoon they will work to provide the climate system, and in the night work lighting.

Kugel dimensions: length — 2700 mm, width — 1550 mm, height — 1560 mm, and its wheelbase is 1867 mm.

Andrew Jezowski intends to establish small-scale production of this electric car. For delivery services the entrepreneur plans to offer a special body variants.

Production Kugel is located in Malaga (Spain). Several electric cars already ordered the authorities of the Principality of Monaco. In Ukraine a couple of pieces intends to acquire “eco-village” near Borispol.


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