Ukrainets created a virtual dashboard in Renault Logan


Украинец создал виртуальную панель приборов в Renault LoganUkrainians were surprised by the unusual refinement of the Renault Logan

Although virtual dashboard appeared quite a long time – the first time it was fitted with Aston Martin Lagonda in the distant 1976, long time, it is set mostly on premium cars, and mostly optional.

The reason was the high cost of equipment and its poor quality and the imperfection of the software. If you have any problems in the operation of the virtual Primorac, many automakers back to the good old dial combinations – they were familiar to customers, and read better.

Of course, nowadays, with the development of technology Apple, Android, and other similar things with automotive electronics are better. The virtual instrument panel is now difficult to surprise… well, except homemade! A talented resident of Donetsk named Yuri, an avid motorist, and apparently, electronic engineer, has collected with his own hands a instrument cluster for your Renault Logan second generation. The painstaking process of selection of components, data acquisition and processing, design and tincture of equipment he described in his “Logbook” on the portal

If you don’t count the cost of colossal efforts, the virtual tidy for Logan cost his owner $ 520. The basis was taken the Android controller and TV-box. Monitor own design and build. The combination is able to “imitate” instruments BMW, Audi and others, can control all the processes of the car and act as a multimedia and Navigator. Perhaps this is an example of one of the most thoughtful and useful tuning solutions – this is evidenced by the rave reviews under the publications of the master.


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