Ukraine will adopt new standards of construction of roads


В Украине утвердят новые нормативы строительства дорогNeed to adjust all the project documentation.

The Cabinet will initiate the improvement of building norms in the construction of roads taking into account the construction of the roadway and compliance with safety regulations.

The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman announced during a meeting dedicated to the issues of road construction.

Groysman stressed that efficient use of funds earmarked for road construction funds is not only the length of the upgraded highways, but also their safety and compliance with the quality requirements of cloth. Thus, the quality of construction and traffic safety must be laid precisely at the stage of projects.

“We attract billions on roads, but the question arises on the construction standards. We need to change building codes – fast. The necessary projects and architectural solutions for the effective use of funds. You need to give the message of how to design, what should be the rules of movement, speed, etc.” – said Groisman.

Following the meeting, the Prime Minister suggested that by the end of February – beginning of March “to reach the new regulatory decisions in the construction of roads” and make adjustments to existing construction projects.


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