Ukraine: nationalists supported the teacher congratulated Hitler’s birthday


Украина: националисты поддержали учительницу, поздравившую Гитлера с днем рождения

In Lviv was held a rally in support of the Deputy of city Council from the nationalist party “Freedom” and teacher Mariana Batiuk, who was dismissed from school for the congratulations of Adolf Hitler happy birthday on Facebook.

This was reported by the portal The event came more than two hundred people, including members of “Freedom”.

The head of the Lviv branch of the party Lubomir Melnychuk at the rally stated intentions of the organization to defend Batiuk in court and prove there that it is “not published” scandalous post.

During the campaign also began collecting signatures for the resignation of the Director of the school. According to media reports, 20 APR Batiuk has posted on his page a photo of Hitler with the caption “a Great man, anyway,” and cited two quotes from his book. Later the post disappeared, and the woman said that her page was hacked.

In the city hall reported that the Deputy refused to give the experts access to the account to check for tampering. The school management has decided to part ways with the employee.

Украина: националисты поддержали учительницу, поздравившую Гитлера с днем рождения 

Mariana Batiuk became a Deputy of the Lviv city Council in 2015. Among her initiatives has been hanging out a red and black flag of the Nazis, the OUN-UPA in the tower of Lviv city hall and the flagpole in the High castle, and also the idea to prohibit the performance of songs in Russian language.



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