Ukraine looming threat of magnetic fluctuations


На Украину надвигаются опасные магнитные колебанияThe strongest meteomar expects Ukrainians on January 24.

16, 24 and 25 January 2019 will the strong magnetic fluctuations and magnetic storms, which will particularly impact on the health and wellbeing of people.

The strongest meteomar expects Ukrainians on January 24.

At this time, even in a healthy person can head ache, to increase or decrease the pressure.

Immunologist Boris Skachko advises these days do not burden yourself with unnecessary physical work and have more rest: “it is Impossible to prepare individual magnetic storm, you just need to understand that they will. And in order to live better and longer be in constant readiness: the correct diet, water regime”.

That water will help to avoid blood clots, and blood vessels normally move possible pressure fluctuations, says the immunologist. Doctors also suggest to walk more, avoid conflict situations, to have at hand the necessary medicines and to refrain from distant trips.

As previously reported, stressful and busy December pleased meteo-dependent people is relatively quiet geomagnetic environment, allowing them to seek the gifts.

January in this regard will be less calm and measured – the first month of the year we have to go through a single magnetic storm and several days of extreme excitement of the geomagnetic field.


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