Ukraine: interior Minister Arsen Avakov bought a 26-room Villa in Italy


Украина: министр МВД Аваков купил 26-комнатную виллу в Италии

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov informed became the owner of a Villa on the Mediterranean coast in Italy. About it reports the edition “Our money” with reference to the documents of the property registry of Italy.

Villa in the municipality of San Felice Circeo consists of 26 rooms in the building with an area of 566 meters on the ground floor, first floor and basement. The approximate value of the property is 774 thousand euros.

“Avakov became the owner of a Villa in Italy, using the firm from the Gorshenin Institute,” report “Our money”.

Villa got Avakov as follows. In 2017, the firm “Avitalia SRL”, sole owner of which is Arsen Avakov, swallowed another Italian firm, “Ferdico SRL”, which has received the state certificate on the ownership of the Villa outside battery in the Italian municipality of San Felice Circeo, in the Lazio region, the province of latina.

It is known that until December 2012, the then ex-Governor of Kharkiv region Arsen Avakov was in exile in Italy due to criminal persecution in Ukraine. He was accused of abuse of power due to illegal alienation of land. In 2012, when Avakov was not already in government service and lived in Italy, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office suddenly opened on him for illegal transfer to private ownership of 55 hectares of public land worth more than 5.5 million



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