Ukraine has proposed that the Pentagon its 7.62 mm “wonder rifle”


Briton Matthew moss, a military expert and a regular contributor to gun Historical Firearms blog, said that he had information that “the U.S. army, most likely, will refuse to buy a new 7.62 mm assault rifle”.

We are talking about declared August 4 of this year tender, according to which the US Department of defense has officially pledged to buy from each bidder for 7 rifles caliber 7.62 mm. date of the transaction was scheduled for September 6, 2017 in new Jersey. In the case of positive tests, in accordance with the test programme, the US government promised to conclude an agreement for the purchase of the first trial batch of 50 thousand units.

About the importance of competition says award winner — $ 100 million And that’s without the cost of the party itself. In 2018 under the new budget, the Pentagon has earmarked $ 2 billion for this purpose, including ammunition with polymer casings. In the Armory the sidelines say, that Americans want urgent to get a wonderful rifle for a possible war with North Korea.

Украина предложила Пентагону свою 7.62 мм "чудо-винтовку"


“Unfortunately, until recently, the army (American — ed.) did everything I could to hide poor performance M4 magazine says Soldiers of fortune. — Russian infantry can do about 140 shots per minute without stopping. Rifle the M4 is approximately two times less, suffering from overheating and… acting, by the way, in the open countryside of Afghanistan old weapons of the Taliban” *.

Edition of Soldiers of fortune in this context brings the story of Lieutenant David Borden, who lost a leg in the Iraqi city of Ramadi. According to a former soldier, he was lucky, while his friend died, and colleagues received even more serious injuries. The Lieutenant said that they were blown up by running up to them a suicide bomber, in which they put 15 bullets. “Of course, the guy was on drugs, but the fact that our assault rifle does not have the necessary destructive power to put the enemy first turn.”

At the beginning of this year, the Deputy chief of staff US army General Daniel Allyn presented a tender for a new assault rifle, saying that American soldiers are in dire need of a universal small arms, more powerful than the current 5.56 mm rifle. “New rifle needs to be designed for a cartridge of 7.62 mm and capable of conducting continuous automatic fire, including a silencer, and semi-accurate shots at a distance up to 1000 meters, — said General, — the weapon should not weigh more than 9 pounds (4 kg). Of course we want to use intuitive computerized scope with zoom from 1x to 6x, where 1x zoom about precision aiming should signal a red dot on the soldier of the enemy.”

In other words, the new American 7.62-mm rifle should perform like a sniper, and assault functions, and even to be a machine gun when you need it. However, the American professional military forum Corvette Forum participants commented negatively about the competition of the Pentagon.

“This option is not even an option, it suffers from many shortcomings, even in the very formulation of the problem.”

“Cross machine gun with a sniper rifle is fundamentally impossible. This is functionally different weapons. Any sniper barrel limited resource hit, which immediately develop into uncontrolled bursts in melee”.

Despite a fair criticism, many overseas experts have no doubt that the competition will be brought to an end. The dispute was carried on the favorites, among which was listed “American” AR-10А2 (which, however, have to modify for automatic fire), “Belgian” FN-FAL and “German” Heckler & Koch HK417. According to rumors, the tender was also attended by the “Ukrainian” VPR-308Win., assembled from German parts and with the barrel made in Austria machine by rotary forging. Kiev gunsmiths boasted that the prototype weapons is legendary SVD rifle.

Recall the appearance of a rifle VPR-308Win developed at the plant “Mayak” on order of state concern “Ukroboronprom”, has been hailed with great joy in the press of “independence.” Ukrainian media even wrote that “if not new rifle, the Russian soldiers still in 2014, marched through the streets of Kiev, shooting in the yards of the patriots”.

Meanwhile, VPR-308Win clearly did not fit into the requirements of the tender either in weight or in size. However, on 21 August to the conditions of competition added relief that said that the Pentagon was willing to enter into “other transactions with non-traditional contractors for testing and prototype fabrication of new effective rifle.” It seems that the Yankees were ready to consider any variants.

However, even the appearance of “Ukrainian” did not save the tender. According to informed Matthew moss, contest, most likely, will cancel. The reason is that in fact there is nothing to choose. And it is more than strange, because in the preamble to the procurement and literally crying about the crisis of small arms in the US army. They say, do not fight the same rifle that does not break a simple body armor.

On the other hand, this is nothing new. A similar tender was opened back in 2010, when U.S. military officials also announced a competition to replace the M4 assault rifles. Then “lit up” all the same candidates. However, despite the wide publicity, none of the contestants did not become a major supplier of small arms to the US army.

The cause of these failures can be found in a recently declassified CIA report, in which agents compare Russian, American, British, French, and German small arms in combat and test conditions. They came to the conclusion that Russian weapons are clearly “superior to NATO counterparts” as “made in USSR”.

It is curious that along with the Americans about the new assault rifle 7.62 was conceived by the Hindus. So, in may of this year, new Delhi announced its intention to replace the 5.56 mm INSAS rifles, standing on the armament of the Indian army, 7.62-mm automatic rifle. “First, the constant negative press and online checks revealed the shortcomings of the INSAS, says the publication “21st Century Asian Arms Race,” the second, special forces, police and paramilitary forces continued to be used in counterinsurgency operations, the AK-47 and AKM, imported from Eastern Europe. (The main suppliers were Romania and Bulgaria). …Unlicensed clones of the AKM produced by the same state factories, which are responsible for the production of the INSAS”.

The only problem is where to find the manufacturer of effective 7.62 mm small arms? However, the Indians have been considering for the licensed production of rifles and machine guns concern “Kalashnikov”. Well, the Americans only hope for the Ukrainians. After all, they also “made in USSR”.


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