Ukraine has developed a unique rocket launcher


В Украине разработали уникальный реактивный гранатометThere were photos.

Experts from design engineering Bureau “Luch” has completed the development of a new rocket-propelled grenade launcher caliber 107 mm. It will replace the Soviet rocket infantry flame-thrower “Lynx”, which in 2014 was withdrawn from service, expired shelf life of the mixture.

New samples of heavy infantry weapons is designed to engage lightly armored and unarmored equipment, structures, field-type, manpower, and buildings of stone, brick or concrete, reports “people’s army”. The main feature of the new complex will become a modern opto-electronic sight, which automatiseret and simplifies the process of aiming.

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It allows to detect and recognize targets at a distance up to 1800 meters.

В Украине разработали уникальный реактивный гранатомет


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