Ukraine got to the list of countries with extremely cheap Internet


Украина попала в список стран с рекордно дешевым интернетомMoreover, Ukraine is still a very high quality coating.

Ukraine offers the cheapest broadband access network in the world, with an average cost of $ 5 per month. In Mauritania is the most expensive broadband in the world. The average price of package is 768,16 dollars.

Russia is the country with the most affordable broadband Internet. The average price is $ 9.77 per month.

The United States is one of the most expensive countries in the world and is in the research 119 the place with the average cost of package – $ 67.69.

In Western Europe the most inexpensive Italy – of 29.48 $ in a month, followed by France and Germany 31,14 – 36.68 USD. After the ranking is in Monaco is $ 37. The UK ranks fifth out of 29 countries in Western Europe (and 61 in the world ranking) with an average cost of $ 39,58 per month.

“Countries with a minimum broadband speed and heterogeneous infrastructure of services that are available to a limited part of the population usually are the most expensive. Conversely, those countries whose infrastructure is dominated by optikovolokno (FTTH/FTTB), and access to services is a large part of the population, offer the cheapest access to the network, if not in absolute terms, in terms of 1Mb/s” – said Dan Hoedl, analyst

Information about 3303 providers of broadband access to a network of 195 countries were gathered and analyzed with consulting company, BVA BDRC for the period from 15 August to 20 September 2018.


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