Ukraine fell into the anomalous temperature zone


Украина попала в аномальную температурную зонуNASA published a map of the world.

As noted in NASA, in the late 2017 or early 2018 at the planet was formed several anomalous temperature zones. Such weather conditions arose as a result of global warming.

Map temperature anomalies were created using the data of ultrasonic spectroradiometry image on NASA spacecraft. The collected data were compared with an average of 2001-2010. Red denotes hot areas (temperature rise up to 15 degrees), blue – cold (reduction of up to 15 degrees).

Most cold recorded in the U.S., but in the West, in California, Alaska contrary note unusual for winter to high temperature.

We will remind that on December 16 in Kiev was installed 136-year-old temperature record.


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