Ugly scientists believe are more intelligent and successful


Некрасивых ученых считают более умными и успешнымиIn this case the most interesting respondents thought the study of those scientists, whose faces they found most attractive.

Ordinary people consider ugly scientists are more competent, intelligent and successful than their beautiful counterparts.

This is evidenced by the results of sociological research published in the journal PNAS. Study participants were asked to read an article or view a video in which a scientist describes his work.

After that British psychologists asked respondents, the owner of which photo they found the most reputable scientist and whose scientific work is most interesting. As shown by the results of the study, the study participants seemed the most interesting researches of those scholars, whose faces they found most attractive, but the most intelligent and trustworthy they considered ugly researchers.

Earlier, scientists from the University of highlands (USA) have discovered a new useful feature of the walk.


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