Ufologist called the December 13 end of the world


Уфолог назвал 13 декабря датой конца света According to researchers, the planet is threatened by a strong earthquake.

Earlier, the UFO people were scared by the approach of Nibiru: that this planet will cause the collapse of all life.

However, according to Dutch researcher Frank Hagerbach, the world will end soon and not from the approaching planet. So, people will die because of the powerful earthquake, which will happen on 13 December.

The earth, the day will be located between Venus and Uranus, resulting in the attraction of bodies will cause a shift in the tectonic plates of our planet. Seismic activity will break all records: it will be 90% higher than the nine-level.

The disaster will affect absolutely all States, it will generate panic and chaos. The forecast was prepared on the basis of their own index geometry of the Solar system (man brought his own). Official scientists to refute the theory that you can predict earthquakes based on planetary geometry.

Seismic activity cannot be predicted, that is why it is so afraid to this day (fear of the unknown is always present).


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