UFO researcher showed huge pyramid on the photos the surface of the moon


Уфолог показал огромную пирамиду на снимках поверхности Луны This is not the first case of the fixing of such objects on the Earth’s satellite.

Famous Taiwanese UFO researcher Scott Waring says, that it recently was contacted by an unknown person, who managed to capture something amazing on the moon.

This individual, being an Amateur photographer, filmed the night Earth’s natural satellite, and suddenly noticed on the shining surface of Selene dark object flat triangular shaped suspiciously like a giant pyramid. Of course, the witness immediately captured it on camera.

Surprisingly, almost at the same time about a similar finding was reported by another ufologist, Scot George Graham. Include the following video, you can see this anomaly for yourself. According to Graham, he was considered a fresh satellite images of the moon, made one of the telescopes of the us national space Agency, and saw this object, which immediately considered the structure of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Is the moon really is a giant pyramid?

Уфолог показал огромную пирамиду на снимках поверхности Луны

Eminent ufologists and conspiracy theorists, however, treat this news without much surprise. The same Graham has repeatedly found the photos Selena the whole city of aliens, but its open, as you might guess, is not turned into a global sensation. Graham Waring and other “space detectives” believe that the consciousness of the average citizen is simply not able to take a picture of the world where the Earth is just a tiny speck in the universal ocean of life, and aliens everywhere.

Moreover, says Scott Waring, this narrow-mindedness in society strongly support the powers that be – governments, the military and their servants, the scientists-Orthodox. For example, in 1991, at the conference dedicated to the study of the Bermuda triangle, oceanographer Verlag Meyer told the world about the two glass pyramids at the bottom of the ocean, which is clearly man-made, but created based on extraterrestrial technology.

These pyramids are most likely the cause of anomalies in this mysterious place on the planet. What? All further research was immediately discontinued, the already obtained data are classified, and the German researcher Meyer suspended from work on this topic. USA has closed the Bermuda triangle for independent scientists… But please note – in the case of pyramids: apparently these structures that people meet in different parts of the Land, underwater, even underground, and now in space – have something of great importance for the universal mind.

But what do we know about it, and what we hide from the powers that be, even NASA, which duped any open ufologists and virtual archaeologists. Or pretends that nothing is happening, say, on the same moon, the same Mars. Note: everywhere they – parabolicheskie illusion…


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