UFO noticed flying saucer the pictures of Mars


Уфолог заметил летающую тарелку на снимках Марса The expert is sure that Mars is a desert planet.

Well-known ufologist George Graham, looking at the pictures of the red planet taken by the Rover “Curiosity” again, found in them something strange.

On one of the images showing the Martian sand, seemed strange dark object. He looks suspiciously like a flying saucer, as if straight from an old sci-Fi movie. In addition, the researcher noticed close to the presumed trace of the fall of this “saucer”.

However, with the discovery of the UFO is not so clear:

– first, the mysterious object has a very small size that is not too consistent with our understanding of the space ships of the aliens;
– secondly, despite the fact that the trench in the sand looks very realistic and three-dimensional, the supposed crashed UFO in the photo appears flat, as if cut from a paper stencil.

For this reason, many commentators have suggested that the mysterious “saucer” is the result of the work of the censors at NASA. Perhaps they are so clumsily painted over the frame much more significant anomaly. It is possible that it also had a disc shape with a turret at the top.

George Graham said that his new discovery proves once again the simple truth: Mars is not a desert planet, and in addition to the sand but the rocks there you can find a lot of things amazing and incredible.

Famous UFO researcher does not agree with the opinion of some conspiracy theorists that the whole Mars mission NASA “played” back on Earth, as it was with the “Apollo”, supposedly not flying on any moon.

Too masterfully it is presented and played out in this case, he said, and without a single blot, except similar landscapes (desert of the Martian and terrestrial) Yes the blue Martian sky, which the us Agency somehow painted in yellow light.

But that’s not proof of a hoax. Moreover, the other “Martian evidence”, quite a different plan NASA employees somehow trying to hide. Something here doesn’t add up…


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