UFO filmed huge cube around the Sun


Уфологи засняли огромный куб около Солнца Unusual object could be a simple artifact of the image.

Mysterious cube near the Sun periodically gets into the lens of the satellite tracking is the study of our sun. Another similar anomaly saw a UFO USA.

According to independent researchers in all of these cases, including the present, three things are striking. The fact that the mysterious solar plant:

– has a strictly square shape, that might not be a natural formation, even if some release from the magma of the Sun;
– simply colossal proportions, commensurate with the huge planets in our SS, and therefore to call it the alien ship has only conditionally, perhaps this is some kind of technological phenomenon, not an object;
– appears only for a split second and then disappears again, why you can make the assumption that he is in a parallel world and only because of the Sun some thio reflected for a moment in our reality.

Ufologists, of course, has long been doing all sorts of assumptions that are somehow connected with aliens that can use the Sun as a wormhole, energy refills, and even as a stalking horse.

Scientists categorically dismiss all sorts of alien theories, although the problems with cameras satellites do not recognize, because when shooting everything else (except strange cube near the Sun) remains in focus. A mystery, Yes, but do we know everything about our body, the Orthodox retort to this research?

But because the hasty conclusions of ufologists, they say, you can not take for truth is nothing more than speculation, and quite bold, as always bordering on the fantastic…


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