Udaltsov free — left at a crossroads?


Удальцов на свободе — левые на распутье?

The release of Sergei Udaltsov in political deals, including the protest movement, makes little difference.

Unfortunately, the Left front (to the 6th may, the former not the mass movement) virtually destroyed.

As a political phenomenon he is, and by the 12th year was ideologically malacostracan, Recalling his actions on Lenin’s work “Children’s illness of leftism in communism.”

And today LF is generally a political abstraction and in addition to personal quality-human brand “Udaltsov and prisoners of the Swamp”, there’s nothing in it.

The new “Left bloc”, put together by Ponomarev and his crony partners in Russia for the release of Udaltsov, is antimonarchy and Pro-Kiev position (at least, so it is Ponomarev on the Moscow echo), and therefore be left in the Marxist, and the old close Udaltsov of the Left front sense, can not.

Political and ideological discourse in classical LF asked at the beginning, from the moment of its Foundation, except that Geidar Jemal and Boris Kagarlitsky, who, for various reasons, have been unable to do LF a single ideological structure. Their articles, interviews and discussions about the ideology and the concept of the Russian “left protest” as an ally of the international anti-imperialist movement (including Islamic protest) are outstanding intellectual property.

But these two political thinkers were forced out of LF that is Ilya Ponomarev, who turned the front led a few politically naive at that time, Udaltsov from the political to the technological project and sold (hopefully just politically situational as construction, not for money) liberals such as Nemtsov and liberal Westerners such Parkhomenko. Which, in turn, paid off for the regime to arrest and defeat of the left, sacrificing Udaltsov and Razvozhaeva.

Raven crow does not eat dog. Liberals struggle with the regime, nothing more than bickering predators over the body of Russia — who will oversee the sale of its components to world markets. These leftists are always other tasks — to return to power by the people, not “the best people of the country.”

The last left is always, in theory, should want to force one way or another to share with the people they have captured the development resources. Otherwise, they are not left no.

The interest of the liberals in the defeat of the left coincided with the interest of the regime in the public punishment of the protest movement. But not to put their (the natives of the era of capital accumulation ‘ 90s for the policy)?

Useful here left. They are a victim of the new elite consensus, the prologue to “protest Navalny” which was held as an internal almost legal form of the complexity of post-Soviet capitalism and no more.

Ponomareva attempts to construct again the Left front as a political strategy began shortly before the release of Udaltsov.

Ilya Ponomarev has taken a tough Pro-Kiev position during the events of the Crimean and Donetsk war. Udaltsov — supported Crimean Russian script and requests from prison on the Donetsk front in order to fight under the red flag.
Sure, if he were not in prison — Udaltsov hundred percent to fight for the DNI and LC.

The support of the Kiev nationalist liberal-fascist regime, which banned the Communists and took the anti-Marxist position, Udaltsov, Ponomarev contrast, believe the impossible.

Today, Sergey is the primary task — not to allow to re-draw itself as the game of the liberals and liberal fascists and games of power, seeing his obedient critic Navalny.

To do this, Udaltsov, after all, to give the public a clear Marxist (and that is what is expected from Udaltsov) analysis of the Ukrainian events.

They are a token that cannot be ignored.

If a person doubts the right of Donbass to revolt and the anti-fascist struggle (despite all the collective neo-white guard Infantry and the delusion of the “Russian world”), he cannot be called the left a priori.
Even if he is a supporter of European liberalism — it is all the same not the left and not a Marxist.
Can not be left “for Kiev”, given the fact that Moscow is not left.
He is on the other side of the “left”.
Hard to believe that Sergey will choose the right direction.


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