Uber will launch a taxi service in Kiev


Uber запустит сервис маршрутных такси в Киеве Uber Shuttle is the third new service Uber launches in Ukraine for six months.

The company Uber is launching a new service for booking seats in a minibus which will follow in several selected areas within the city.

While the company conducts a survey among users to identify which areas of the Ukrainian capital is best to start to provide Uber Shuttle.

“After a few weeks you will be able to book a clean, comfortable Shuttle Uber high quality and at an affordable price, why don’t have to stand in line or miss your transportation because of the fact that it is full”

In some countries where Uber provides service POOL – a joint trip at an affordable price.

This option is different because it is not a shared ride in the cab models, and following the same route – a sort of alternative bus routes and minibuses.

In addition to Kiev, Uber Shuttle is available in Cairo (Egypt) and Monterrey (Mexico).

For Kiev this is a pilot project.


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