Uber has planned a new wave of layoffs


В Uber запланировали новую волну увольнений The company is forced to take extreme measures.

The Uber case in recent years are frankly unimportant – and not only in the ever-increasing competition from many other manufacturers of Autonomous vehicle solutions.

The fact that the company can not recover after the sad fatal case of testing an Autonomous electric vehicle for Uber, during which killed one pedestrian on the streets of Pittsburgh – more specifically, the company has significantly lost its reputation and marketing. And recently there were rumors and information that the company once again take a emergency and extreme measures with the aim of preserving the company’s balance sheet – namely firing their employees.

This time we are talking about the dismissal of over a hundred people, one way or another worked on the last project of an Autonomous electric vehicle, the Uber – news about it was in the air even before the company itself has officially confirmed the dismissal. For what purpose is this done? Primarily because, given the failure of the project, the company is interested in preserving the remaining resources of development and marketing, and downsizing is the most effective and fastest way to do it.

And secondly, according to some insider news, Uber also plans a third round of layoffs, which will address previously hired testers of electric vehicles, Uber, and this is logical, because the development of the electric car stopped. In addition, today the company officially stops supporting public tests its cars in Arizona, although in fact they ended shortly after the incident with the dead pedestrian.

Some users and analytical publications suggest that such a strategy Uber tries to protect the reputation in the future, because despite the official refusal to continue work on Autonomous guided vehicles and their closures, public testing expensive in the US, Uber is still definitely plans to do something with the current plans.

In particular it concerns a new layer of research related to the development of artificial intelligence for electric vehicles.


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