U.S. teacher accused of sex with 12-year-old girl


В США учительницу уличили в интиме с 12-летней девочкойResonance.

Teacher from South Carolina was arrested after it became known that she kissed and fondled a 12-year-old girl with special needs.

27-year-old Allyson Chilton even sent the girl a message with the words “I want to be your wife” and “I want to own you,” according to Depo.ua with reference to Mirror.

Ellison arrested after the father of a schoolgirl found in her a Frank message from the teacher. He suspected that between his daughter and a teacher is something strange, as they often worked together in an empty classroom. In particular, this happened when all the students walked on the Playground, and the girl stayed with Allison to bring my grades up.

But my dad didn’t have any evidence of sexual crimes until he saw a TEXT. Later the girl admitted that the teacher kissed and fondled her. According to tutor in English and math, the couple even had sex.

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The investigation is continuing. Allison was released on bail of £ 22 thousand.


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