Two Estonian citizens were condemned for espionage in favor of Russia


Двух граждан Эстонии осудили за шпионаж в пользу РоссииIn Estonia condemned the former KGB and his son.

Two Estonian citizens sentenced to imprisonment for treason and espionage in favor of Russia.

The court in closed session on Monday, February 11, sentenced Dennis Metsavere and his father Peter Volin respectively to 15.5 years and 6 years in prison.

Both men were found guilty in the transfer of the Main Directorate of the General staff (former GRU) of the armed forces of the Russian Federation secret information and information for internal use. However, it is not reported what information they passed. For this information they received from the Russian side in General, slightly less than 20 thousand euros, reported dpa.

The court confirmed that Metsavan engaged in espionage for more than ten years, and his father for five years. Volin was also convicted of two crimes connected with illicit trafficking in ammunition. The convicted must reimburse the procedural costs in the amount of 1350 euros (Matsevas) and 2532 euros (Wolin). The decision of the court has not yet entered into force.

The now 38-year-old Metsavan served in the armed forces of Estonia since 1998, received the rank of officer. His 65-year-old father in Soviet times, served in the frontier troops of KGB of the USSR (KGB). The men were detained in September.


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