Twitter reads users ‘ private messages


Twitter читает личные сообщения пользователейThe company Twitter has commented on the statement of organization Project Veritas that the employees of the company read personal messages of users.

A representative of Twitter said that private messages are really visible, but it is not all the time, but during certain periods.

“We do not watch private messages regularly. Only periodically. A limited number of employees have access to such information, and we apply a strict access protocols”, — he said.

The exact number of people that can track the correspondence has not been named, but Twitter said that the information about hundred employees more than exaggerated.

These words are also confirmed by a former senior employee of the Corporation. He confirmed that a group of engineers who have access to personal information, is very small and could get it only if received a complaint about bullying through messages on Twitter.

Two former employees of the company also confirmed that most of the work of the moderator is carried out algorithmically, depending on the number of complaints on Twitter every day.


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