Twitter plans to launch a new useful function


Twitter планирует запустить новую полезную функциюTwitter plans to launch a function-analogue Snapchat, which will be easier to publish the video.

Within the company there is already a working prototype of the new function, but it is not yet ready for public use. It is also not yet known whether the video is published to remain available forever or only for a time, just like Snapchat.

Now to post the video to Twitter, you need to open the app on your phone, start creating a new tweet, click the camera icon to shoot video, and then publish. With the new tool Twitter can be used as Snapchat and publish video much faster.

Snapchat for change on Twitter do not Bode well. The social network is growing steadily in 2014, but over the past year, this growth was considerably reduced.

According to Statista, the Twitter audience in 2015 increased from 302 million users to 330 million in the third quarter of last year. During this time the company has invested $86 million in Periscope, changed the interface, increased the maximum number of characters in the message and introduced many other changes.

Twitter планирует запустить новую полезную функцию


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