Twitter named most popular posts of 2017


В Twitter назвали самые популярные посты 2017 года“Creativity” trump is not appreciated.

The social networking site Twitter published the most popular tweets 2017, among which were three messages last of President Barack Obama.

The most popular post in 2017, and indeed in the history of the social network, was the request of the student Carter Wilkerson. In April, a student was arguing with a fast food chain Wendy’s that if the publication rack up 18 million retweets, representatives of fast food will give Wilkerson here annual certificate for a free nuggets.

Eventually as the young man scored a total of 3.6 million retweets, but the pass he still provided.

On the second place by number of retweets (1.7 million) was the publication of Barack Obama, which he did after a clash in Charlottesville. “No one is born hating another person because of skin color, origin or religion.” – quoted ex-US President Nelson Mandela.

Third place in the ranking took the University of Pennsylvania, who promised to donate 15 cents for each retweet on the account affected by the hurricane “Harvey” in the southern United States. Post reached 1.2 million retweets, victims of natural disaster have received about 180 thousand dollars.


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