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Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. ФотоMost of the list took a Chinese company.

The biggest business on the planet was the industrial and commercial Bank of China, operating under the brand of ICBC. He topped the Forbes Global 2000 for the sixth consecutive year. With him the leaders were China Construction Bank and American financial Corporation JPMorgan Chase.

Companies from mainland China occupied half of the seats in the top ten of the world ranking Forbes Global 2000. The second half went to U.S. companies.

In the annual ranking includes the largest business structure on the planet. This year the list includes companies from 60 countries with a combined revenue of $39.1 trillion, profit of $3.2 trillion, and assets amounting to $189 trillion. Forbes estimates the total market value of all 2000 companies ranking in $56,8 billion.

The largest company in 2018 became the industrial and commercial Bank of China, operating under the brand of ICBC. This is a public Corporation with private capital: a large part of the shares owned by the government of the people’s Republic of China (PRC), a smaller portion is traded on the stock exchange. ICBC controls a fifth of the entire banking sector in China. This allowed the company to take first place in Forbes Global 2000 for the sixth time in a row.

The second spot is occupied by China Construction Bank (China Construction Bank), the three leaders added financial giant JPMorgan Chase of the United States. The most important representative of the non-banking sector was the holding of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, which is located at the fourth position. This group includes many companies in different fields: construction, food, transport, insurance, financial and other.

The last time a non-Chinese company was ranked first in the Forbes Global 2000 in 2012. At the time the largest business structure in the world was us oil giant ExxonMobil. Now the Corporation of the United States takes 13th position.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

20. Microsoft

Microsoft opens the leading of the Forbes ranking with revenues of $103,3 billion and a net profit of $14.2 billion a Few years ago, the company has avoided the evolutionary trap of the winner, in which the dominant player in the market stops the development Microsoft was able to not dwell on programs for personal computers and began diversifying. Among the high-profile purchases of the IT giant – the video calling service Skype, phone manufacturer Nokia, the service employee search LinkedIn and the community of programmers Github.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

19. BNP Paribas

In recent years, French banking group BNP Paribas has been involved in several high-profile investigations. Perhaps the most notable was the case of the failure of us sanctions, when the United States revealed the work of BNP Paribas with dictatorial regimes in Sudan, Iran and Cuba. For it in 2014, the French sentenced him to a fine of $1.9 billion Since BNP Paribas is fully compensated for the damage, restored the work of affiliates in the U.S. and strengthened its status as the largest Bank in the Eurozone.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

18. Verizon Communications

For the leaders of the telecommunications industry last year was the year of mergers and acquisitions. In June last year to Verizon for $4.5 billion bought of the Internet giant Yahoo. It is expected that the company will bring together business Yahoo AOL assets into a separate unit called Oath. It is designed to help Verizon earn not only on providing access to the Internet, but also in the market for entertainment content online.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

17. HSBC

The largest Bank of Europe HSBC only took 17 place in the ranking – and this reflects the place of Europe in the modern world. There are still major financial flows, but every year the European representation in the Forbes Global 2000, all shallow. The current record holder, the British Bank HSBC, last year earned $63.2 bln, of which net profit was $10.8 billion.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

16. Volkswagen Group

Three years after “desligada”, the scandal with understating of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, Volkswagen begins to recover positions. The automaker played 12 seats compared to last year’s rating and back in top 20 of Forbes list. For the year, Volkswagen has doubled its revenue, bringing this parameter to $13 billion.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

15. AT&T

American AT&T is the largest of the 54 telecommunications companies represented in the rating. Total assets of all 54 members of the list are estimated at $3.4 trillion, the assets of AT&T – $446.3 m billion last year revenue fell by 2%, and the final profit of $30 billion could be $20 billion greater if not for the taxes accrued at the end of the year. Like Verizon, AT&T is configured to acquisitions: the company has made an offer to purchase the Studio Time Warner for $85 billion.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

14. Samsung Electronics

Samsung still falls short of its main rival in the smartphone market, Apple. If the Americans of the Apple firmly entrenched in the top ten, where it became the only representative in the technology industry, the Koreans from Samsung are satisfied with the 14th position and profit of $41 billion (from Apple $53,3). The capitalization of Samsung is $325,9 billion – almost three times less, than at Apple ($more within 926.9 billion).

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

13. ExxonMobil

Concern ExxonMobil retained 13th place in the list, but it just seems stagnation: during this same time, the main European competitor of the American oil industry, Royal Dutch Shell, jumped to 11th position. This means that ExxonMobil can no longer be called the largest oil business on the planet. And let capitalization Americans $344 billion continues to outstrip other commodity companies and other indicators of ExxonMobil lost to the Europeans. For example, ExxonMobil’s revenues totaled $230 billion instead of $321,8 billion from Shell.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

12. Toyota Motor

Toyota earned $22.5 billion net profit for the year and took the 12th place in the ranking. The Japanese not only held an impressive market share of traditional cars, but also trying to stay ahead of competitors in a growing segment of cars on alternative fuels. For example, Toyota already produces a car running on hydrogen fuel cells. Through investment in such technologies, the Japanese hope to defend itself against the withering away of the diesel automotive industry.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

11. Royal Dutch Shell

Oil and gas companies have risen significantly in the ranking of Forbes due to the increase of fossil fuel prices in the past year. However, few have moved up so much, as did Royal Dutch Shell. The company played just nine seats and took off from 20th to 11th position. Now capitalization of Dutch oil reached $306 billion, while revenue is an astronomical $321,8 billion.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

10. Ping An Insurance Group

The largest insurer of China and almost the largest in the world: in the contest of insurance companies, Ping An is second only to the U.S. Berkshire Hathaway. However, Berkshire Hathaway is a diversified holding company, while Ping An focuses more on the insurance. Concomitant in this case was the banking and medical services. The emphasis on development in related fields and strong digitalization of each process allowed Chinese Ping An by 64% to surpass the performance of its nearest competitor in the Asian market, the insurance company AIA, which is present in 18 countries of the region.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

9. Bank Of China

In the Forbes Global 2000 fell 14 Chinese banks, four of which were in the top ten. This so-called big four, controlling a significant part of the banking sector in China. Bank of China included in this list; in terms of assets ($3.2 trillion), he does fall into five of the world leaders. The oldest operating Bank of China counts since 1912, and until 1942, the Bank of China performed the functions of a Central Bank and issued its national currency. Now Bank of China is one of the Premier financial institutions in Hong Kong and has the right to issue local dollars.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

8. Apple

For the year Apple position significantly strengthened. The company topped the rating of public companies in the U.S., increased market capitalization of $175 billion ($more within 926.9 billion, from $752 billion a year earlier) and increased its assets by $36.5 billion ($367.5 billion instead of $331 billion last year). As a result, the manufacturer of smartphones and computers has moved from ninth to eighth place in the ranking.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

7. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo associated with the Bank, but profits not only from interest on loans. Together with the results of the mortgage and the storing of deposits the company is engaged in trust management of assets, insurance, investing into securities and develops the direction of leasing. Last year the Bank lost $9 billion market capitalization: if in 2017 Wells Fargo was estimated at $274,4 billion, now only $of 265.3 billion But the company has grown revenue – instead of $97.6 billion over the past year, Wells Fargo earned $102.1 billion

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

6. Bank of America

The aggregate profit of the three largest banks in the US in 2017 amounted to $68.5 billion Bank of America at $20.3 billion slightly behind the competitors in terms of revenues, but the tremendous assets of $2.3 trillion allowed the Bank to occupy the sixth place in the ranking. Bank of America suffered seriously in the crisis of 2008-2009, but in recent years, increases in positions and wins back a place in Forbes Global 2000. A year ago the Bank was only seven.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

5. Agricultural Bank of China

As the name implies, Agricultural Bank of China is financing one of the most complex sectors of the Chinese economy is agrarian. The need to work with farmers and dependence on the harvest does not interfere with Agricultural Bank of China to gradually move to the top: the Bank is steadily expanding its assets and winning back one position in the rankings after another. Last year Agricultural Bank of China ranked sixth, this came in fifth. The capitalization of the company stands at $184 billion.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Investment Empire Warren Buffett has lost one position compared to last year and receded from third to fourth place. And yet, business has grown: the main event in 2017 for Berkshire Hathaway became one-time tax deduction, which allowed the company to increase its revenues from $21.5 billion to $45 billion per year. This helped to offset the overall decline in profitability faced by the insurance division of Berkshire Hathaway.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

3. JPMorgan Chase

In a recent ranking of the largest companies in the U.S. financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase took only third place, behind Apple and Berkshire Hathaway. Since that time, the chief of banking giant United States ahead of its competitors and became the biggest company of America. With assets of $2.6 trillion JPMorgan Chase hit the top three leaders of the rating. The company is engaged in asset management, investment and traditional banking services.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

2. China construction Bank

China Construction Bank (CCB) was previously called the people’s construction Bank of China. From 1954 through the Bank financed all construction and infrastructure projects of the Communist party of China (CPC). Not surprisingly, with such a portfolio of CCB climbed to second place in the ranking, China is actively building housing, roads, bridges, railway stations and airports. Forbes estimates the cost of the Construction Bank of China $261 billion, CCB offices operating in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Двадцать самых крупных компаний мира. Фото

1. Industrial and commercial Bank of China

Industrial and commercial Bank of China (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, ICBC) tops the Forbes Global 2000 for the sixth consecutive year and is an indicator of the power of the banking sector of the PRC. Last year the total volume of loans issued by Chinese banks had reached $35 trillion: this is three times China’s GDP. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly, and the main beneficiaries of this increase are state-owned banks.


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