Turkish air force fired more than a hundred facilities in the Syrian ‘ Afrīn


ВВС Турции обстреляли более ста объектов в сирийском АфринеThe Russian military left the area Afrin.

Military-air forces of Turkey have struck 108 of the 113 objectives in the framework of the military operation “Olive branch” in the Syrian Affleck.

On 20 January the Turkish air force continued to bomb the intended targets in Syria. Among others, struck at the airfield “Minnig”, sources in the security structures of Turkey.

The population of Afrin actively leaving the area and heading towards Aleppo.

Turkey shelled the objects of the militia of the Syrian Kurds, which Ankara considers a terrorist.

Recall that the Russian military leave the district of Afrin in Syria after the beginning of the Turkish operation.

We also recall that the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of operations against the Kurds in Syria.

While the Syrian government warned Turkey that they would shoot down their military aircraft.

According to experts, the aggravation of the situation may lead to direct conflict between Turkey and the US, which enjoys a Kurdish militia. Russia has said it will not intervene in the conflict in ‘ Afrīn.


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