Turkey launched a military operation in Syria


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Syrian state television reported that the Turkish army in the North of the country carried out air strikes on the city of RAS al-ain.

Sunday, October 6, it became known that Turkey sent to the border with Syria with additional troops and equipment. This was reported by Turkish TV channel TRT. The Western media immediately linked the movement of troops, a statement Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the completion of preparations for a major military operation, on Syrian territory East of the Euphrates river. The Turkish leader said that it could begin in the next few hours. The operation was called “the Source of peace”. According to Erdogan, it is directed against the PKK and ISIS, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

Erdogan does not hide that the operation is directed against the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds (YPG group), which Ankara considers an ally of the country banned the Kurdistan workers party (PKK). According to Turkish authorities, the YPG are terrorists. The main goal of surgery is to push back Kurdish troops away from the Turkish border.

President Erdogan intends to create in the North-Eastern part of Syria, along the border with Turkey, a 32-kilometer “security zone”. The Turkish leader wants it is free from the Kurdish militia. Then Ankara is planning to relocate to this area not less than 2 million of the 3.6 million Syrian refugees now residing in Turkey. A few years ago, Erdogan agreed to accept them, having concluded a corresponding agreement with the European Union. But since then, Ankara and Brussels have accused each other of violating commitments.

The EU argues that Turkey refuses to take back all refugees, therefore, the temporary camps established for them in Greece, is full. While Erdogan accuses the European Union that Turkey does not receive the full funding promised for the refugees.

But there is another problem, and it consists in the fact that the Kurdish militia was seen as an important US ally in the fight against “Islamic state”. Washington actively supplying the YPG with weapons. The Kurds participated in the fighting in Syria.

Ankara has repeatedly criticized Washington for such a policy. Erdogan fears that the YPG is able to use American weapons for other tasks, namely to create a fully controlled their region on the border with Turkey, which is then used as a springboard for the struggle for the formation of an independent state for the Kurds. This informal autonomy is formed with the approval of the United States in Iraq.

The leadership of YPG was really counting on US support. However, Washington suddenly decided not to intervene in the situation. The White house said: “Soon the Turkish forces begin a long-planned operation in Northern Syria. The U.S. armed forces will not support this operation and to participate in it. US forces defeated ISIS, will no longer be directly in this area.”

After it became known that from the mentioned region were withdrawn the American military — the military experts who helped the Kurds. The YPG took it as a betrayal. Everyone understands that the presence of the Americans could force the Turks to abandon an active operation.

It is known that the President of the United States Donald trump spoke to Erdogan by telephone after the Turkish leader made a statement about the upcoming operation. Obviously, the American President failed to convince Erdogan to abandon the intensification of the war in Syria.

Shortly after that, trump tweeted the following statement: “I emphatically repeated before, I repeat now, if Turkey will do something that I in his great and unsurpassed wisdom deems toeing the line, I will completely destroy and will destroy the economy of Turkey, as has been done previously.”

This tweet was enough to trigger the collapse of the Turkish Lira. Trump was not joking, however, it is difficult to understand what “hell” must move Erdogan to the White house really took to destroy the economy of its NATO ally. Perhaps it was only on risk for the us military in Syria. Or trump gave the green light to Erdogan to create a “security zone”, but warned that Turkey did not dare to go deeper.

In the European Union to the plans of the Erdogan reacted with greater alarm. Brussels calls on Ankara to abandon the military operations in Syria. In addition, there are concerns that trump is playing a risky game. He wants to provoke a new large-scale war in Syria, and still remain in side. The fact that using the US support the Syrian democratic forces (SDS), which include the YPG forces, Arab and Assyrian militia, threatened: “We will not hesitate to make any attack by Turkey in all-out war across the border, to protect itself and its people”.

The government of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President, is also dissatisfied with the steps of Ankara. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid Muallem said that the foreign forces on the territory of Syria without the permission of the authorities of the country should be immediately withdrawn. Planned Turkish operation he called a violation of international law.

In this regard, the EU fears of a new wave of refugees from Syria. This will inevitably frustrate the implementation of the hard-earned fragile agreements on migration crisis in Europe.


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