Turkey closed its ports to ships from the annexed Crimea


Турция закрыла свои порты для судов из аннексированного КрымаThe Turkish government took this decision taking into account the external policy of the country.

Prohibited Turkish ports to take ships arriving from Crimea and its ports. The report said that Turkey sent to all subjects of Maritime transport and port business circular letter prohibiting crossing into the country ships from the Crimea, and permission to set sail from this region is not available. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Gar y Facebook.

“Principles of navigation in the regions of the Black sea and the Crimea”, which refers to the need “to take action given our country’s foreign policy related to the restrictions placed on the entrances of vessels in the ports of the Crimea”, – Sargan told.

Also introduced a strict system of control.

“Monitoring is provided by request from the courts of documents on departure from the last port, and records log output from the last port, to accompany the subject when you message the user ports of the arrival of ships from black sea ports, and also held control over the use of all available systems and open resources (AIS etc.) to verify the fact that the ships arrived of the port,” – wrote Gar.

In addition, the management port must obtain written confirmation that the last point of departure of the vessel turns to port, is not a Crimean port. And that the vessel does not follow from this port in the Crimean and does not provide any action to toll, port, and sales documents that bear a stamp “Crimea”.

“Especially it is noted that” these actions are applied fully and without exception, in spite of the owner, the flags of vessels and the fact they are loaded or not. “In terms of compliance with this requirement, the Turkish port authorities can influence all without an exception of ships bound for the Bosphorus,” – said Gar.

We will remind, on ports of the annexed Crimea is closed on the basis of the order of the Cabinet of Ministers. In the period of the ban recorded 30 of intruders.


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