Turkey and Greece exchanged threats


Greece accused Ankara in a number of cases of violations of its airspace this week.

Turkey will not tolerate “provocations” in the Aegean sea and the Mediterranean or in Cyprus.

This was stated by Turkish Minister of defense Hulusi Akar on Saturday.

“Everyone should know that provocations in the Aegean, the Mediterranean and Cyprus will not have any effect,” said ACAR. “Or the price will be heavy”, – he added.

On Wednesday, the chief of the General staff of national defense of Greece Evangelos Apostolakis warned that Greece is “leveled” any Greek island if Turkish troops landed there.

Athens is considered that the increased activity of Turkey due to comments by U.S. state Department spokesman Wes Mitchell, who called Greece “a fantastic ally” and said that Cyprus has right to develop its own natural resources, opposed by Ankara.


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