Tsenrobank Russia will print 1 trillion rubles, but the people survive in poverty


Ценробанк РФ напечатает 1 триллион рублей, но граждане выживают в нищете

What is happening in the Russian banking system, which for three years has “eaten” 4 trillion rubles of state support and was on the verge of collapse, becoming more and more like a Scam a record scale.

Spending a trillion rubles for the salvation of the Opening and of the Bank, the Central Bank is preparing to re-launch the “printing press” to hundreds of billions of rubles to put out a fire at the Bank “trust” and the growth of the Bank.

As reported by Reuters, citing three close to the Central Bank source, the total amount of support for the two credit institutions will amount to 1.1 trillion rubles — more than the Federal budget spends per year on education and health combined.

Funds will not be issued in the form of loans, and poured directly to the capital, which does not imply their return to the Central Bank.

On sanitation of “Trust” FK “Opening”, as we already received a loan at a reduced rate from DIA to the amount of 127 billion rubles, but the money vanished without a trace. Last year the hole in the Bank, tripled, and on February 1 reached 190 billion.

Growth-Bank, for recovery of which the owner of Binbank Mikhail Shishkhanov, the DIA has allocated 17.5 billion rubles, ended last year with a hole in 490 billion.

Both banks became the funnel through which flowed money of sanator: “the Opening of” betrayed “the Trust” 300 billion rubles in loans, which he sent to the lending and buying of securities. For the Bank and Growth of the Bank the amount of such operations even more — 780 billion, Reuters reports.

“In 2014, the Central Bank gave a loan ASV, and ASV gave it to the Trust, allegedly, for the rehabilitation. Now, the trust will receive money from the Central Bank in the capital and use the money to repay the loan, the DIA and the DIA to pay off with Bank”, — describes the schema of the former Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Aleksashenko.

“In the end, if earlier, the Central Bank was at least some reason to demand a refund, now there is nothing. And all the losses that were generated during the alleged rehabilitation, which lasted three years, will be hidden in the archives of the Neglinnaya,” he adds.

Under the new resolution mechanism, when banks coming under the control of the Fund the consolidation of the Central Bank help them at the expense of monetary issue, acknowledged in September the head of the regulator Elvira Nabiullina: “Other sources we have.”

As a result of growing structural surplus of liquidity in the banking system: at the end of the year, the Central Bank predicts its value to 3.5 trillion rubles, but in the end, the amount can reach 4.5 trillion, says Director of the analytical Department of “Loco-invest” Cyril Tremasov.

While the Central Bank withdraws from the system the excess rubles through Deposit operations and issue its own bonds, but in the long run stuffing such a volume of the emission mass can put pressure on the currency market and the ruble, says a leading analyst АMarkets Artem Deev.

Actively inflating business expense of pension money and redevelopments, bankers, it seems, was to make their “offspring” too big to fail (too big to burst), told the Financial Times source on the market.

And after the banks to the state, one of the managers or owners were not punished, said “Banksta”: ex-owner of Binbank Shishkhanov was appointed head of its Board of Directors, and the head of “Opening” Ruben Aganbegyan sent a top Manager in a Bank.


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