“TSE liberty”: a Ukrainian, hanged himself in a Polish hospital


"Цэ свабода": украинец повесился в польской больнице

In the city hospital in Olsztyn Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship hanged 59-year-old citizen of Ukraine.

This was reported by “Polish radio” on Tuesday, August 14.

“A Ukrainian citizen was hospitalized in the day when he was on the field to replace his brother. In an accident at work man crushed pelvis. In the hospital he spent a few days”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the tragedy occurred in the morning. A man hanged himself in the ward for the sick.

“In the hospital he realized he has no insurance, and the result can be large financial costs of treatment and deportation to the Motherland”, — writes the edition.

The investigators questioned the staff at the hospital. On the death of the man known to put the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland


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