Trump: US will no longer use military force to build democracy in the world


Трамп: США больше не будут применять военную силу для построения демократии в мире

The United States will not continue to voice data on the number of troops in Afghanistan and to disclose plans for operations, said the President of the United States Donald trump. Earlier, the American press announced the increase in the group of 4 thousand people.

The United States will not be able to provide a quick withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and to fight with the Taliban, Washington hopes for a lot of help from India, said the head of the White house. In addition, trump has warned Pakistan that the country should not be a haven for terrorists. According to the President, States will no longer use “military force” to build democracy abroad.

“We will no longer use American armed forces to build democracy abroad or trying to rebuild other countries in our image and likeness. That time has gone, — quotes the words of Donald trump, the TV channel “Russia 24″. — In return we ask our partners to protect our common interests. We are not asking others to change their lifestyle, but we ask you to pursue common goals that will allow our children to live better. And it will be a determining factor in our decisions”.

After the speech, trump’s special statement on the US strategy in the region released by the State Department. The head of Department Rex Tillerson said that Washington supports the negotiations of the Afghan government with the Taliban without preconditions.


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