Trump reacted sharply to the verdict of Manufactu


Трамп резко отреагировал на приговор МанафортуTrump called the verdict Manafort a disgrace and a witch hunt.

Charges against political consultant advanced spectracolor Robert Mueller, who is investigating the alleged Russian interference in American elections.

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday, August 21, commented on the conviction of the former head of his election headquarters the Floor Manafort, whom a jury found guilty of fraud. About this American leader told reporters in West Virginia, his speech was broadcast on television.

“It (the investigation against Manafort – ed.) started as a search for “collusion with Russia.” It has absolutely nothing to do with it. This is a witch hunt and it’s a shame,” said trump.

However, he pointed out that “the Russians had nothing to do with our (election) campaign.”

Trump added that he was sorry for Manafort, who “worked on (former US President) Ronald Reagan.”


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