Trump once again spoke sharply about “illegals”


Трамп в очередной раз резко высказался о «нелегалах» He called illegal immigrants “animals”.

The US President Donald trump has used harsh rhetoric to renew its call for strengthening immigration law, calling illegal immigrants “animals”. Writes about this Time.

“We have people who come to the country, or tried to come, we stop a lot of these. And we remove people from the country, you won’t believe how bad it is people. It’s not people, it’s animals,” he said.

Trump has promised to fix the system “ridiculous immigration laws in the world.” “We’ll take care of it, we’re going to do it,” he said.

“California law provides a safe Harbor for some of the most horrific and violent criminals on Earth, such as members of the gang MS-13, giving innocent men, women and children under the power of these sadistic criminals,” he said.

The concept of the reform proposed by the American leader, includes four points, which, in his opinion, are a compromise for Democrats and Republicans: the revision of legislation that give the person holding the citizenship of USA, to bring to the country their relatives; termination of the annual Green Card lottery; strengthening border control in the southern regions – the construction of the wall along the entire border with Mexico; the possibility of obtaining citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the territory of the state at a young age.


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