Trump is pushing the construction of the great American wall


Трамп подталкивает строительство Великой Американской стены

The recent incident on the border with Mexico, which killed the employee of a border service of the USA, and the second was wounded, forced Donald trump to once again remind you of the erection of the fence on the southern borders of the country.

The American President promised via Twitter to bring the perpetrators to justice:

“The border guard was killed South of the border, another was badly damaged. We will look for and prosecute those responsible. We need to build a wall, we will build!”

Трамп подталкивает строительство Великой Американской стены

Trump is convinced that the wall will safely block the border against illegal immigrants, smugglers and just idling.

The idea of the trump according to various estimates will cost from 12 to 66 billion dollars.

Not all approve of the project President. According to opinion polls, more than half (58%) of Americans have a negative attitude to the allocation of budget money on the construction of the wall, and about three quarters (73%) expect deterioration of relations with Mexico.

But trump is insistent and persistent in achieving goals. The wall on the border with Mexico is one of the key pre-election promises. The decree creating it was signed on January 25.


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