Trump has imposed import duties on steel and aluminium


Трамп ввел пошлины на импорт стали и алюминия

In the United States introduced a 25 percent duty on overseas shipments of steel and 10 percent on imports of aluminum. Under the additional tax will apply to all importing countries except Canada and Mexico. The decision was made by President Donald trump.

“A country that does not protect their wealth at home, will not be able to protect its interests abroad,” he explained, and said that previously, American industry was devastated by the aggressive ways of conducting foreign trade. His words leads “Federal news Agency”.

The White house also added that those who are not planning to pay the tax, can move their production to the USA, and then will not have to pay duty, said the portal Tariffs come into force after 15 days. Canada and Mexico may not fall under the decision because the agreement “North American free trade area” (NAFTA).

Russian trade representative to the US Alexander Stadnik, commenting on the signing of the order, said in an interview with TASS that “such actions the United States can result in trade wars”. “A trade war always has a bad ending, there are no winners. It affects everything,” said the sales representative.

The European Union had previously made a retaliatory imposition of duties 25% in respect of import of certain products from the United States. Chancellor of Austria, in turn, called the initiative of the American authorities idiocy.


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