Trump can eat a lot of fast food, little exercise and to be healthy?


Как Трамп может есть много фаст-фуда, мало тренироваться и быть здоровым?

The doctor from the White house on Tuesday said about “mint condition” President trump, despite the fact that in his new book describes his strong attraction to fast food, including cheeseburgers in bed.

Ronny Jackson, the physician of the White house, said 71-year-old trump is 6 feet tall and 3 inches weighs 239 pounds. He also said that the ability to undertake physical activity trump “above average”, though he’s not doing anything but Golf.

His height and weight give Trump a body mass index of 29.9, which places him in the category of overweight on the verge of obesity is diagnosed when BMI of 30 or more.

So how can he be so healthy healthy?

“Incredible genes, I guess,” said Jackson. According to him, if trump is better fed and trained for the past 20 years, he” could live up to 200 years.”

“There are “good” genes, but the study showed that lifestyle more than genes, than health, than social status, is a major cause of premature death”, says Bernadette Melnyk, Professor and Dean at the University of Ohio.

Trump’s supporters emphasize that the fact that he never smoked nor drank, is the key to his health, but most experts say that diet and exercise are still important for good health and longevity. However, Pappas noted that trump all is well with pressure, fat levels and blood sugar.

Trump openly stated that exercise is overrated and that they can create more problems than to heal. “All my friends who are always practicing, doing a knee replacement, a hip replacement is a disaster,” said trump in the article “new York times” in September 2015.

Jackson says he will come up with a programme of exercises for trump, which doesn’t put your joints at risk.

Trump does no official exercise, in addition to playing Golf using a Golf cart, which he knew would Jackson or anyone else. The doctors don’t think Golf is sufficient physical activity, as they say in his administration, but notice that at least he “pulls itself in nature.”

According to a study of the Nile Valkendorf the Colorado center for the science of health and fitness, the game of Golf, during which the person goes to the quads, which burns less calories than walking, or an average of 411 calories for nine holes.


Even if trump was in good health until age 70, this does not mean that his lifestyle will lead to longevity, doctors say. If your genes are helped to prevent the disease, it is “not because of the lifestyle – you just got lucky,” says Murphy. “Luck is important, but to carry forever.”



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