Trump asked Iraq to pay in the event of a withdrawal of American troops


Трамп потребовал от Ирака заплатить в случае вывода американских войск

Donald trump asked Iraq to reimburse all of the costs of construction of the Embassy and military bases in the event of the withdrawal of troops from the country. Moreover, the US President said that the us account is enough Iraqi money that the States intend to hold to pay the “debt”.

Trump said of the Iraqi money in the sum of 35 billion dollars lying to the American Bank account – they will remain out there if Iraq will not reimburse you.

The President did not even mind the fact that “great” America is defeated and robbed a middle Eastern country. In the ongoing pursuit of gain, he now pounced on the money of Iraq.

I would like to remind you that the Americans invaded Iraq in 2003 otmazyvayas that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. And later allegedly left to dismantle the criminal organization of the IG*. However, terrorists defeated in 2017, and the us military still in Iraq.

However, no wonder the Iraqis require trump to withdraw its troops. No reluctance, the Americans profited from someone else’s good. It is time Trump has “run away” and return soldiers to their homes.

* The organization is banned in Russia.


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