Trump announced his position on Syria, ISIS and Assad


It’s just a BOMB, trump baby, if everything is exactly as he said, nothing better than that

Трамп озвучил свою позицию по Сирии, ИГ и Асаду


The United States intends to fight in Syria with the legitimate President Assad, and with the banned terrorist group ISIL. This was stated by the President-elect of the United States Donald trump.

In an interview with the Wall Street journal, a Republican, announced plans for the future of the US administration regarding the Syrian issue. “I have a great many other people’s opinion regarding the situation in Syria,” — said trump.

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The US President-elect believes that we should not focus on attempts to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Close attention should be paid to the other, namely on the fight against “Islamic state”. “If the USA attacks Assad, it will lead to war with Russia”, — said trump.

Трамп озвучил свою позицию по Сирии, ИГ и Асаду

Also in his opinion, the new U.S. administration should reconsider its attitude to the so-called “moderate opposition” in Syria. “We supported the rebels against Syria, and we have no understanding, who are these people”, — summed up Donald trump.

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Трамп озвучил свою позицию по Сирии, ИГ и Асаду

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