Trump advised her daughter to merge the video where she is having sex


Donald trump has advised her own daughter Ivanka to follow the example of socialite Paris Hilton: remove and merge in a network video on which she would deal with someone having sex.

Writes about this edition of New York Magazine, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Trump repeatedly enthusiastically admired the enterprising Ms. Hilton and called her “amazing”. He believed that the repetition of her action would help the Ivanka earn a lot of money, but also to give impetus to her career and build popularity.

In 2000, Hilton met Rick Salomon (he later became a husband of Pamela Anderson). Three years later, after the couple parted, appeared on the Internet a sex tape featuring Hilton and Salomon. Although Paris, formally tried to ban the release of this tape, in fact she got a decent profit from its publication, it became one of the most popular stars of the 2000-ies.

However, Ivanka was horrified by such suggestions of the father, which not caused her nothing but disgust. “All this talk about Paris hurt Ivanka… Sometimes dad just broke her heart, but she hid her feelings,” he told New York Magazine one of her friends.

As the magazine writes, the elder daughter of U.S. President also jarred machismo Donald, who often talks about the bodies of women who are “fat” and who’s not.


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