True stories of people who managed to cheat death. Photo


Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. ФотоMiracles do happen.

Let this post be another reminder that we are all mortal, and our bodies are only mortal bags of meat and bones. Of course, I want to meet the Creator in old age, having lived an interesting life and fulfilling all the dreams, but, unfortunately, sometimes death comes faster than we would like.

Two deaths will not happen, but one can not escape. But sometimes some lucky ones still manage to outsmart the Reaper. And here are six amazing stories about it.

Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. Фото

1. As car keys rescued from the maniac

This guy knowingly was nicknamed the Night Stalker, so he knew a lot about the murders. A little more than a year in the mid-80’s serial killer Richard Ramirez was sent to the light at least 13 people. It is therefore surprising that one of his potential victims managed to escape from the clutches of such a talented murderer.

One night, Ramirez collided with Maria Hernandez and followed her from the car to the house. Hearing a noise behind him, the woman turned around, and Ramirez shot her in the face. Fortunately, the bullet ricocheted off the car keys that Maria was still holding in his hand. She escaped with a broken finger, but figured to fall to the ground and play dead. Ramirez, confident in the fact that he shot the victim, for the fun kicked her feet, and then stepped over the body and headed to the apartment to Hernandez, where her roommate was clearly expecting a worse fate.

Maria was able to ascend with difficulty to Dobresti home just at the moment when the serial killer came from him. The woman begged Ramirez to shoot her again. And for some reason he obeyed her. That’s probably where Ramirez was more likely to want to change your pants than to kill, because he saw one that had every reason to believe a Ghost. It was a big mistake on his part, because due to the fact that the woman survived, the police came, the first verbal description of the portrait of the killer. Later the offender was arrested, and all subsequent years of his life he spent on death row.

Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. Фото

2. As enemas helped the family to survive for 38 days in the middle of the ocean

In 1971, 10-year-old Neil Robertson proposed to his father to take a chance and travel the world. Senior Robertson agreed with his son, sold the family farm and prepared to set sail on a 13-metre schooner “Lucette”. The family — mother, father and four children went to long transition from Falmouth (England) to the Galapagos Islands.

At first everything went quite well. The family was in the swimming year and a half and almost made it to Central America. But once the ship was attacked by a pack of killer whales. Huge killer whales punched the bottom of the boat, it began to sink. The Robertsons have time to change available on boat rubber boat, but, having assessed the situation, realized that the water they had left only 10 days, and food — less. And they were in the middle of the ocean in a frail craft. That though as-that to survive, they remade one of the oars in the spear, which killed the turtles and sharks and drank their blood, struggling with dehydration.

When it did not help them, the mother of the family who once worked as a nurse, found an unusual solution. She began to collect rainwater, and altering the rubber rails of the stairs in the tube of the enema, I began to introduce myself, husband and children collected fresh water through the anus. To drink the rain water, which was a dirty, nauseating cocktail with the blood of slaughtered animals, was impossible. However, the colon is able to absorb liquid, so the mariners get water, avoiding poisoning and nausea. This crafty little trick has allowed the family to survive in the ocean for a long 38 days, until they were finally rescued by Japanese fishing trawler.

Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. Фото

3. Like an acrobat survived the crash of the airship due to the fact that he was a acrobat

The skills of an acrobat not only applicable in everyday life. In essence, acrobatics is only useful for two classes: unusual sex and, in fact, acrobatic performances. But as it turned out, the camera is much easier than ordinary people to escape from a burning airship. It is by example proved to Josef Spa, a survivor of may 3, 1937, the wreck of the famous aircraft “Hindenburg”.

Spa was sitting at the bar of the airship, talked to other passengers, looking forward to seeing the wife, to which was a matter of minutes. But then the airship began to fall… Brave passenger broke the window and got out of it, but hanging from the outside of the gondolas, nothing more could be done. The choice was small: on one bowl of scales there was death in the fire, and on the other a fall from a 12-meter height. A little reflection, Spa decided to take the risk and chose the second option. It should be noted that Spa was a circus artist, known under the name Ben Dova.

In such a situation, the ordinary man would break his bones, but Shpa use his acrobatic training. He described his fall as follows: “I crouched before the jump, landed on his feet, jumped into the air and fell face down.” Then Shpa escaped with only a sprained foot. The force of the blow threw him from the place of landing, which became a flaming tomb “Hindenburg”.

The accident was filmed by five cameramen, who arrived on the occasion of the arrival of the “Hindenburg”. Thanks to this footage you can appreciate the scale of the disaster.

Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. Фото

4. 16 lost in a sea of people a week lived on breast milk

At the beginning of zero in the Dominican Republic economic crisis, from which many fled to neighbouring Puerto Rico. There the fugitives, of course, immediately arrested, but only if they were lucky enough to get there. After all, many travelers were lost at sea on the way from one island to another, though they were separated by only 160 miles. So one day in Puerto Rico went 16 passengers, paying two of their monthly salary for transportation in a tiny boat, whose trouble was a broken compass. Among these people was Faustina Mercedes, a good woman, which is now called “little sea angel.”

The boat got lost at sea and 12 days drifted at the will of the waves. Stocks of food ran out in three days. Very soon people began to suffer from a lack of fresh water. On the fifth day of the drift they were very dehydrated. Then Faustina offered his sister to suckle her Breasts. The fact that at home the woman still had one-year-old daughter who she is before departure fed breast milk. And it is breast milk then saved the lives of all passengers. Eight men and seven women a week at a time sucked the breast of Faustina. To feed himself, the Savior gave milk to her sister, Elena Mercedes, and she poured her milk out of his mouth. Fortunately, the current pushed them towards the shore on the 12th day of the drift.

Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. Фото

5. As a firefighter rescued from fire by fire

Have you ever heard of fire vortex? It’s a tornado of fire. In August 1949 in the mountains of Montana a few of these tornadoes were chasing the fire that descended on parachutes to the area of the ordinary as they thought a forest fire.

Young firefighters trying to escape, but the fire somehow managed to follow them. Quickly exhausting all options for rescue, firefighters quickly began to climb the mountain. Of course, if they are better taught physics at school, you would understand that this is a bad idea. But who are we to judge people, which was feeling more and more panic. By the way, they climbed the slope under an angle of 76 degrees, which may have set a new record. And it’s no joke: when there is such motivation, like flaming fire, and do not do such…

When the wave of fire dangerously close to detachment, fire chief, Veg Dodge headed for the nearest plot of grass and set it on fire. The idea was that this “rescue fire”, burned in front of the unit, ensure a thin layer of oxygen for all who will be in the ring of fire. For people surrounded by flames, this may sound crazy, and therefore other fighters of the fire brigade continued to run. The unit had 16 people, unfortunately, survived while only three, including Dodge.

Two other survivors managed to run around the ridge that protected them from the fire that was probably still more sensible plan.

Реальные истории людей, сумевших обмануть смерть. Фото

6. As a real Robinson Crusoe prepared a whole army of cats

Story by Daniel Defoe about the “survivalist” Robinson Crusoe may seem incredible and fascinating. But you will be surprised even more to learn that it is based on real events that were even more amazing. Genuine Robinson, Scottish boatswain, Alexander Selkirk, was more like Jack Sparrow than the boring old guy who showed us in the movie. First, the real Robinson did not suffer shipwreck. Because of his eccentric and quarrelsome character of a sailor marooned on a desert island of Mas a Tierra off the coast of Chile. In reality, he never had a friend named Friday. On the island he was waiting 4 year and 4 months of solitude.

According to the memoirs of Selkirk on the island he spent much time in prayer and Bible study, but he did it more out of boredom than from piety. Suffering from loneliness, he became a true Lord of beasts. The Spanish explorers had moved to the island of goats, rats and cats, and Selkirk found them all to good use. Although at first the rats began for the Scotsman to be a real disaster trying night to dine with his fingers and devouring its meager resources. So he’s trained to protect an army of ferocious cats.

But the real passion Selkirk wild goats were in abundance live on the island. Trying to find food and clothing, Selkirk arranged to hunt for them. When matches and gunpowder began to come to an end, Selkirk found a cruel but effective method of hunting. The sailor began to catch little kids and a knife to cut their tendons on their feet, so they were never able to run fast. Thus he secured a easy hunt in future years. Experts even argue about how far the passion of Robinson to the goats — he may have used them to their basest needs.

By the way, while Alexander is tormented by loneliness, the ship from which it took off, crashed, his entire team died, so headstrong Selkirk the landing on the shore, ironically, saved his life.


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