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Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. ФотоThe place of dreams.

There is a perception that the Caribbean is the place especially for luxury travelers. In fact, the Caribbean region includes 30 countries: some of them are on the brink of survival, while others have a very high standard of living. In General, call the local prices are low is impossible. But, for example, a trip to the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic are more expensive than Jamaica, Cuba or Haiti.

Let’s consider the cost of living in the Caribbean for example, one of the most developed countries in the region — St. Kitts and Nevis.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Saint Kitts and Nevis is one of 13 independent States of the Caribbean region, which is located on two Islands. Only in the Caribbean are 29 countries, among which are possession of the United States, France, Britain and the Netherlands. The minimum wage in St. Kitts and Nevis high relative to other points of the archipelago — almost $ 3 per hour and the average wage is around 1,200 dollars a month. Because prices are higher than, for example, in Cuba or in the Dominican Republic.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Here goes its own currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD), but you can pay and the more familiar U.S. dollars. And the main language is English, therefore communicating with the locals with no problems.

Living expenses

The purchase of housing. The cost of one-bedroom apartments on the Islands of St Kitts and Nevis starts from 120 thousand dollars, and a small house will cost about 230-250 thousand.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Over 350 thousand dollars you can buy an old Villa with a plantation. And though for the money as it will not be the best, but at your disposal — a large lot where you can arrange your farm.

The advantage of purchasing housing in these Islands is the opportunity to apply for second citizenship within four months after the transaction. And citizenship, along with the owner of the property also get all family members and relatives.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Over the last 10 years have been issued more than 10 thousand passports of St. Kitts and Nevis. The program involved the citizens of 127 countries, however, the most active investors from Europe and Asia. And in 2014, the citizenship of this small Caribbean country has received Pavel Durov.

Rent. Rent one-bedroom apartment in Basseterre, the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis — will cost 600-800 dollars depending on the area of the city. Three — room- at 1200-2000. About the same price in Antigua and Barbuda — literally 100-200 dollars cheaper.

To take shelter in the short-term rental will also cost a pretty penny: the cheapest room in the area of $ 40-50 per night.

Utilities. For spacious apartment (heating, electricity, water, garbage) get ready to pay monthly in the range of 160-190$. Home unlimited Internet will cost an average of $ 60-80.

Transport and communications

Public transport. For Saint Kitts and Nevis is a network of buses and taxis. One trip will cost 0.5- $ 2.5 depending on the type of vehicle and distance of the route.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

The coast is a railroad in every city there are ports, the largest of which is in Basseterre on St. Kitts and Charlestown on Nevis. Between the Islands of the state, you can easily travel by ferry.

Cars. Rent a car costs at least $ 30 a day depending on the type and condition of the car. The base cost of buying the car type Volkswagen Golf (engine — 1.4-litre) — 30 thousand dollars. A liter of gasoline costs $ 4.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Taxi on the Islands too expensive — only for the fit with you will take an average of $ 12.

Connection. For Saint Kitts and Nevis operates three standards of mobile communication: GSM 850, GSM 900/1900 and TDMA, represented by four local operators. Everywhere are payphones, from which you can call abroad. Cards can be purchased in almost all stores and pharmacies.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Minute of conversation on a mobile phone is about 0.3 dollar, and unlimited mobile Internet — $ 40. The country is also well connected Internet cafe.

Food and clothing

Supermarkets. Food prices are not the lowest, because the big question that it is cheaper to cook at home or eat in the local cafes.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

The average cost of products in stores Buster:

Milk (1 liter) — 3,5- $ 4.
Local cheese (1 kg) — 6-12 dollars.
Fresh bread (500 grams) — 3-3,5 dollar.
Eggs (12 pieces) — 3-3,3 dollars.
Chicken breast (1kg) — $ 8.
Water (1.5 liter) — $ 2.5.
Wine (bottle) — $ 15-20.
Beer is 2-4 dollars.
White rice (1kg) — $ 3.
Tomatos (1kg) — 3,5- $ 4.
Potato (1kg) — $ 2.
Apples (1kg) for 7-8 dollars.
Oranges (1kg) — $ 4.
Salad (1 head) — $ 2.

The restaurants and cafes. Dine in an inexpensive cafe — about $ 10 per person. Moreover, looking at the fast food establishment type McDonalds, it will save you slightly complex like a McMeal here will cost 9-12 dollars. To drink a cappuccino, get another $ 4 and a bottle of Pepsi is $ 2. The three-course dinner in the more expensive restaurant for two will cost about 65-70 dollars (excluding drinks).

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Traditional dishes in the Caribbean — seafood in different variations, accompanied by vegetables and rice. But also locals like to prepare poultry, pork, lamb, peas and potatoes. Desserts are mostly fruit.

Clothing. Going to the Caribbean, remember that many of the countries here belong to the free trade area. The best island for shopping — Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, Aruba, Martinique, Grand Cayman.

As for Saint Kitts and Nevis, the cost of clothing is not much different from the European prices. For example, jeans “Levays” will cost 50-70 dollars, shoes (brand shoes, leather shoes) — $ 70-80, summer dress — 30-35.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

Other expenses

In addition to working everyday if you have time, can go to the movies for 5.5-7 dollars and buy a monthly subscription to a fitness club for 60-80 dollars a month. Most of the attractions here are natural, because their visit does not require special costs in addition to transport.

In one visit to the doctor, if you have no insurance, have to pay 85-90$.

If you want to travel a bit, visiting the different Islands of the Caribbean, the best way to travel. Daily flights a lot, though, and the prices are not the lowest. For example, for each flight between the lesser Antilles Islands will have to pay around 100 dollars. A ticket from Saint Kitts to Antigua costs about 120-140 $ and Nevis 80-90, although the road is in the first case and 30 minutes and the second only 15.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото

So, if you decided to spend some time in the Caribbean — for example, in Saint Kitts and Nevis, please note that for gorgeous natural scenery and relative seclusion due to the low population density will have to pay a lot. Provided that you rent a Studio apartment, eating alternately in a cheap cafe, then at home, use public transport and don’t forget about entertainment — in a month you will need about 1200-1400 dollars.

Тропический рай: во сколько обойдется жизнь на Карибах. Фото


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