“Triple-Decker penthouse” on Novy Arbat, discovered the father of the Deputy-the billionaire Skoch


"Трехпалубный пентхаус" на Новом Арбате, обнаружен у отца депутата-миллиардера Скоча

The largest apartment in Moscow formally belongs to 83-year-old grinder aircraft factory Vladimir will Skocu the father of the author of draft laws on the mandatory Declaration of assets of officials and their relatives, the Deputy of five convocations and 18-th Russian billionaire in the Forbes list Andrew will Skocu, according to the materials of the control Center investigation (sdgs).

We are talking about housing a total area of over 3000 square meters, located on the top three floors of the Stalin house architects Shchusev and Rostovskogo on Novy Arbat street 31/12, where in the XX century by order of the chief dwelt mostly senior military officials. As noted by the LRC, this “triple-Decker penthouse” has an unofficial record of the so-called “Tsar’s apartment” the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov in the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment area “only” 719 sq. meters and valued by realtors is about 600 million rubles. Giant apartment on Novy Arbat can be expected to cost about 1.5 billion.

According the LRC, Novoarbatsky penthouse of the 22 apartments were going for more than 15 years – since 2001, being then owned by Vladimir Skoch. More square meters were bought on the 12th floor of the building – their owners at the expense of the new owner was offered on favourable terms to move to other apartment in same house or other houses in the center of Moscow. Then the elite buyer purchased the 13-th attic floor and built on the 14th – with a swimming pool and other sports and entertainment facilities.

Purchase of apartments was carried out on behalf of three citizens, two of whom were founders of the local HOA, found the sdgs. Buyers of real estate also been found associated with the three Cypriot offshore. And one offshore, Strasburg Holding Ltd, stretches a chain of companies, which leads to Farhad Moshiri, a longtime business partner of Alisher Usmanov and Andrei Skoch. The three of us through USM Holdings Ltd they control 100% of “metalloinvest”.

In the state Duma Skoch came in 1999 from the Belgorod region. In December 2007 he was elected Deputy of the State Duma of the fifth convocation on the list of candidates of “United Russia”. Skoch along with Elena Mizulina, Valentina Tereshkova and Irina Yarovaya was part of the inter-factional Deputy group in protection of Christian values.

The income of the Deputy for 2015 on the Declaration, 276 million rubles, while informed of his Declaration indicated that he lives on one salary. Forbes shared his fortune is estimated at 5.3 billion dollars. According to the magazine, in addition to 30% of USM Holdings will Skocu also owns a stake in the airport “Vnukovo”. Formally these shares owned again by his father-the pensioner Vladimir Skoch.

Media name Skoch, Jr. is often associated with the infamous Solntsevskaya OPG. In particular, in 2012, it drew the attention of the British The Guardian, published an old photo of a young entrepreneur in the company of well-known figures of this criminal group. He Skoch their participation in the group categorically denies. In 2012, he even won a court in Belgorod local blogger who wrote about his past as a “solntsevskaya brother”.

Then, in 2012 Andrey Skoch in the Duma introduced a bill on judicial reform with costs of deputies, officials and employees of law enforcement agencies. In case of revealing of the facts of life officer means the Deputy proposed to punish with dismissal. The bill was criticized by his colleagues.

According to the Declaration prescribed in the Scotch a modest “kopeck piece” of 65 square meters in Belgorod. Assistant Andrei Skoch explained in the comments of the sdgs that Novoarbatsky the property was not reflected in the Declaration of the Deputy, as by law to declare the property of parents is not required.


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