Tree in the United States appeared transparent apples


На дереве в США появились прозрачные яблоки This situation arises very rarely.

Andrew Sasima, a farmer from the United States, posted on the Internet interesting pictures, which show the transparent apples.

Male living in Michigan, says that the fruit he saw, when cut from their trees dry branches.

Amazing fruits has sparked the excitement: office of the farmer in some of the social network commented on a lot of people. Strange apples appeared after a heavy rain and frost.

As noted by Andrew on apples originated the icy crust. When the farmer takes the fruit in hand, rotten softness emerged. And formed a fully transparent fruit.

“Unique” Apple referred to as “Jonagolds”. A man jokingly calls a sort of “Jonaghosts”. To this day, the farmer is surprised unusual fruits in his garden.


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